The 2016 Chicago Telethon winner, a 20-veteran FAAM coach, an author with a current memoir out in bookstores, a poetry slam coach and fantastic story-teller, music from local artists, and a funky soul-sounding band were all part of the Evanston Live show at American Legion Post 42 on Dec. 10.

The evening opened with “The Bubble,” a story written and performed by Haven Middle School Teacher and Poetry Slam coach Marty Behm, who told of traveling back to his Ohio hometown for Thanksgiving.  

Lashun William, 20-year veteran FAAM coach and current head girls basketball coach at Beacon Academy, shared her journey from young athlete to coach to author, recently releasing her first book, “Throw Like A Girl: How Good Coaches Transform Girls Into Successful Women.”  

Mark Collins, a 20-year Evanston resident, high school art teacher and painter conducted interviewed author Zoe Zolbrod and tri-athelete and coach Jeremy Riley.

Jeff Hubbard was the musical solo for the evening, playing and singing “Like Rock & Roll and the Radio,” “Out on the Weekend” and “Wondering Where the Lions Are.” He is a member of the local band Central Station.

 The final act for the evening was Evanston Live’s version of “Bluff The Listener.” Panelists Dan Hart, Jim Cousineau and Tanashua Slaton read three stories about how the City of Evanston was founded. Sim Elwood emerged victorious, able to guess which of the three cleverly written stories was actually true. The contestants and panelists all shared brought them to Evanston, their love of the City and some of their favorite spots in town.    

Closing out the night the band Chip Ratliff on bass/vocals, Chris Greene on saxophone, Chip Dubois on Guitar, and Patrick McFowler on drums.

Evanston Live is held every other month at the Legion. Doors open at 7:15 p.m. for cocktails and culture prior to the 8 p.m. show.