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The third Janie Event was held Nov. 20. This event was sponsored by Life In Progress, a life coaching and consulting firm run by Kimberly Holmes-Ross.

Ms. Holmes-Ross has been work-ing in social services, particularly with Teen Parents, for more than 25 years. She currently is the program manager for CPS/Orr High School’s Options For Youth program.

Ms. Holmes-Ross along with Team Janie feels there is a gap in services for young parents and wants to help bridge the gap to accessibility for their current programs. There are also some new and exciting ideas for Teen Parent programming in the future.  

Team Janie’s members for this event were Laura Antolin, JoAnn Avery, Karli Butler, Emeric Embazio, Delores Holmes, Djorgy Leroy, Stephen Vick, and Robin Simmons.