On Nov. 29, Evanston Police Department juvenile bureau detectives conducted a tobacco compliance check operation at 33 merchants throughout the City to ensure that tobacco was not being sold to individuals under the age of 21, in accordance with City ordinance.    

No businesses were found to be in violation. 

These operations are usually conducted twice each year at various times to keep businesses in compliance with state and local ordinances that restrict the sale of products such as tobacco. State law prohibits sale to minors under 18 years of age; the City of Evanston ordinance prohibits sales to individuals under the age of 21.  For this reason, individuals between the ages of 16 to19 are used for the tobacco compliance operation, with parental consent if they are minors. These individuals enter the establishment under the supervision of law enforcement and attempt to make a purchase. If the establishment sells the age-controlled product without checking the proper identification to verify a purchaser’s age, the establishment is cited for the underage sale.  

The Police Department praised the merchants for their diligence in properly verifying the age of individuals attempting to purchase tobacco products.