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The answers on page 9 to the “quiz” on pages 13 and 14 of the print edition became skewed, for which the RoundTable apologizes. Here are answers: 


  1. A former alderman; a former middle-school principal; and a former mayor (Lorraine Morton).
  2. The RoundTable offices, rent-free. J
  3. That it was named after the Northwest Territory.
  4. 10
  5. Orrington Lunt
  6. 8 that we can find.
  7. This was a nod to Evanston’s most famous suffragist and WCTU member.
  8. Fourth Ward
  9. Probably
  10. There is one from the Sixth and one from the Seventh Ward.
  11. The Seventh Ward


  1. The first principal of ETHS
  2. None
  3. Yes
  4. Park – Central School; Bessie Rhodes – Timber Ridge; King Arts – Skiles Middle School
  5. Oakton School
  6. Limitations on the annual school levy.
  7. Open space
  8. Become public parks
  9. Dwight Perkins
  10. WPA art