At least four buses will be heading to Washington, D.C. next week for the Women’s March, thanks to the organizational skills of Kathleen Long, Evan Finamore and Nina Kavin. The buses will leave the Evanston Township High School parking lot at 4:13 p.m. on Jan. 20.

“We’re hoping to use the opportunity of the bus ride to build bridges among our passengers and talk about issues of race, inequity, and community building so that the journey is as important as our destination—where we will march against sexism, racism, and hate,” said Ms. Kavin.

A group of women furiously knitting “Pussyhats” for the passengers and Joan Ducayet is donating pocket constitutions in honor of her mother to each passenger, Ms. Kavin said..

Some of the passengers will also speak to the group: Monique Jones of Evanston Community Foundation, Lesley William of the Evanston Public Library, Gretchen Livingston of the District 202, School Board,  Karli Butler and Tasha Triplett of Curt’s Cafe; Lisa Degliantoni of the Evanston arts community; Kathy Shaw of Connection for the Homeless; Ismalis Nunez of  School District 65, and Ms. Kavin for Dear Evanston.

The buses will leave after the march and return to Evanston on June 22.