These are Carlis Sutton’s unedited answers to questions submitted to all Fifth Ward Aldermanic candidates by the RoundTable.

Question: Please provide information on your educational background; employment/professional background; volunteer and civic activities; and other attributes that qualify you for the position of Alderman of the Fifth Ward.

Educational Background:

            – Third Generation Property Owner in the Fifth Ward;

            – Foster Elementary School

            – Haven Junior High

            – Evanston Township High School (1960)

            – University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, B.S. History and Government

            – University of Massachusetts, Amherst, M.Ed.

            – Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University, Juris Doctorate.

Employment/Professional Background:

            – Illinois Teaching Certificates; Elementary, Secondary, Administration

            – Retired Teacher Districts 65 And 202

            – Over Forty Years of Teaching

Volunteer And Civic Activities:

            – Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Republic of Liberia, West Africa

            – Senior Deacon Second Baptist Church

            – Sunday School Teacher (Teens)

            – Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

            – Save Our Parks, Organized Gilbert Park Club

            – Frequent Commentator at City Council Meetings

            – Panel Contributor to Leadership Evanston

Question: What would be your top three priorities as Alderman? What would you do to advance your priorities?

            – Available and Responsive To Constituents Concerns

            – Senior Housing, Health and Transportation Issues

            – Economic Development and Under-employment Concerns

Question: What are the top three challenges facing the Fifth Ward? What would you do as Alderman to address the challenges?

            – Support Homeowners in Utililizing Access to Grants and Loans to Repair and Maintain Ownership

            – Job Training and Educational Initiatives for Underemployed Youth

             – Identifying Abandon/Vacant Commercial Buildings and Securing Programs and Investment Opportunities

    The way to address them is to format existing programs that address these concerns and collaborate with developers.

Question: What should the City do to address youth violence? Is it doing enough, should it do things differently?

            – Work with the Recreational Department to Increase More Activities

            –  Collaborate with PEER Services to Provide Drug Abuse Counseling and Access to Education at the Junior College Level

            – Continue to Control/Limit Access to Weapons

            – Increase Mentoring and Support Services

            There is work to be done to make residents feel safe in our community.

Question:What should the City do to promote economic development in the Fifth Ward? Is it doing enough, should it do things differently?

     – Enforcement of City and Department of Housing and Urban Development hiring policies

Question: What do you think about police-community relations in the Fifth Ward? In the City?

       -Continue Visibility and Cooperation With Officers.

        -Increase Transparency and Monitoring of Complaints

        -Increase Citizen Participation in Training Programs

        – Create an Independent Citizens Board

 Question: Name some things the City should do to preserve or create additional affordable housing.

             – Enforce the Inclusionary Zoning Program of the City

            – Instead of Lieu of Payments, Set Aside the Number of Units,

            – Make Units Available Instead of Accepting Cash

            – Publicize the Current Rehab Program for Housing to the Community

            – Make Available the Affordable Housing Tax Program to Medium and Small Landlords

 Question: Do you support Evanston’s Cradle to Career initiative and partnering with community organizations to increase opportunities for youth? Please provide your views.

Yes. I would encourage this program to do more outreach to parents in our community.

Question How should the City promote equity?

       – Prioritize Local Residents for Employment Rather Than Outsourcing Community Jobs.

       – Stop Hiring Outside Consultants Who Don’t Take Into Account Community Concerns

 Question: The City has taken steps toward becoming a sustainable City. What will you do as Alderman to promote sustainability in ways that will be affordable for all residents?

            – Replace Trees in the Fifth Ward That Were Devastated By Diseases

            – Increase Recycling of Electrical and Technical Equipment

            – Reconsider Selling Our Water Without Benefitting Residents