On Jan. 23, the District 65 School Board voted, 6-0, to extend Superintendent Paul Goren’s contract for three years. His current contract was scheduled to expire on June 30, 2018. His contract now extends to June 30, 2021.

Under the initial contract, the District agreed to pay Dr. Goren a base salary of $250,000 for the first year, and the base salary has remained the same through  June 30, 2017. Board President Candance Chow said the terms of his new contract are similar to the initial contract.

 “Paul and his superb team and our excellent educators have begun to turn a very negative tide on several years of declining student achievement, particularly for students of color,” said Ms. Chow. “His dual priorities of improving growth as a gateway to improving student achievement and doubling down in our support for striving learners is paying off. His approach to engage all stakeholders as we continue our journey of ensuring equity for all students is essential.

“His focus on understanding and meeting the needs of the whole child and his ability to be honest, collaborative, and transparent in addressing our very real financial issues gives the Board great confidence in his ability to lead us through our next stage of service to our children and families in Evanston and Skokie.

“We have much work to do, and it may be done in one of the most challenging economic and political contexts that any of us has ever seen. Dr. Goren is up to the challenges and we look forward to leading through it with him.”

Larry Gavin was a co-founder of the Evanston RoundTable in 1998 and assisted in its conversion to a non-profit in 2021. He has received many journalism awards for his articles on education, housing and...