On April 4, Ridgeville Park District will have one seat vacant on the five member Board of Commissioners.  Ridgeville Park District elections are non-partisan, and candidates are nominated by petition. On April 4, residents of Ridgeville Park District will elect one commissioner for a 6-year term.

Although Ridgeville Park District is located in Evanston, Illinois it is not part of the City of Evanston.  Ridgeville Park District’s Boundaries are: Howard Street, Greenleaf Street, Chicago Northern Railroad Tracks and the North Shore Sanitation Canal.

The regular monthly board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:45 pm and are open to the public. These meetings are held in the district’s Community House, 908 Seward Street, Evanston, Illinois.

The following three candidates have filed petitions for the upcoming April 4, 2017 General Election: Debby Braun,    Shana Naz Jacover, and Michael Drennan.