When I tell you that Evanston is full of local authors, that information should hardly shock you.  Being as literary a community as we are, writers are liable to spring up whenever possible.  And, whenever possible, we do try to add their books to our library.  Here are some of the books and authors you may not be quite as aware of but that appear on our library’s shelves.

The Experimental Society by Marshall S. Shapo
This book examines society’s responses to many kinds of experimentation, focusing on both creation of and assessment of risks. As people seek new ways to make their lives safer and happier, the widespread process of experimentation claims victims. Some of these are people who directly and willingly accept the risks of experiments. By comparison, some are effectively experimental subjects in the hands of others who often may not even think of themselves as experimenting with the lives of consumers.

Intricacies: Poems of the Heart by Joanna Kurowska
“Joanna Kurowska’s latest collection of poems, Intricacies, burrows inside the heart and mind with spare, elegant writing, compact narratives of life, and lovely, lyrical language. In her quiet, soulful writing, Kurowska shines a light on the intricacies of life, faith, and our flawed humanity.
The philosopher, poet, and academic, she composes vignettes of life that allow for nuance, while being rich in detail and wisdom.” – Terry Loncaric, Author of Crashing in Velvet, Finishing Line Press

Brown Sky by David Covin
David Covin was raised in Evanston and is a graduate of ETHS. In this book Negro Sgt. Wilderness Jones introduces Negro 2nd Lt. Stephen Wenders to the reality of the U.S. Army, circa World War II, thus opening the book to the exploits of one of the most unique military outfits in American fiction – the Third Platoon of Company C of the 4748th Quartermaster Truck Battalion, headquartered at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. Unlike most Negro soldiers of World War II, whether of the real of fictional variety, men of the Third Platoon do not accept the illogic and idiocy of the Brown Sky philosophy. Instead, under the leadership of Wenders and Jones, the Third Platoon subverts segregation, disrupts army maneuvers, and faces down southern lawmen and hostile civilians.

Gateway with God by Letitia Suk
What if there was a way to plug in and recharge your soul, not just your smartphone? What if a simple day away could transform your life? Getaway with God invites readers to step away from the incessant pressure of deadlines and demands to spend time with God. More to the point, it walks women through each step of designing their own retreat – whatever kind is needed.

Parables from the Outskirts of Polite Society by J.R. Summers Self Help, Life lessons, and Parables about relationships, money and wealth, forgiveness, and ultimately freedom. It’s like a reference manual for your life.

Betsy Bird

Betsy Bird is the Collection Development Manager of Evanston Public Library. She has been writing for the Evanston RoundTable since 2016.