On Feb. 7 Rep. Jan Schakowsky issued the following statement after Betsy DeVos was confirmed in a vote by the US Senate that required an unprecedented tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence:

“Today, Vice President Pence and a majority of Republican Senators put a sworn enemy of public education in charge of our public education. Betsy DeVos is unfit and unqualified for the role of Secretary of Education. She has no relevant experience, and her inability to respond to basic questions during her confirmation hearing demonstrated that she has no relevant knowledge either. 

“In great numbers, people from all over the country showed their opposition to President Trump’s nominee by demonstrating, protesting, and contacting legislators. Although I had been clear in my opposition to her nomination and as a House member could not vote against her confirmation, I still received hundreds of calls and emails opposing Secretary DeVos. I greatly appreciate that so many people expressed their opposition, and applaud them for caring so deeply about our children’s education. I wish the same could be said for the 50 Republican Senators who voted to confirm her.

“As a former teacher, a mother, and a grandmother, I will continue to fight to improve public education in our country, despite today’s loss.”