There has not been much sleet or snow this winter but there is something slowing down Evanston mail – and the City’s post office is not picking up the phone when Evanstonians complain.

When the City Council Administration and Public Works was presented with a proposal, on Feb. 27, renewing a lease for the parking of postal vehicles at 1800 Maple Ave., Alderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, expressed disappointment that no USPS officials showed up in person, since she hoped it might be an opportunity to discuss with someone erratic mail service in the Eighth Ward. When both she and her constituents have tried phoning the City post office, she said, the calls have not been returned. The business with the parking lease proceeded, but the Council will be drafting a letter to U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky to look into the matter, a tactic they said usually can get mail service back on track.

The Council also presented keys to the City to three individuals: Bernice Weissbourd, founder of the Family Focus childhood development agency; Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro; and Bishop Carlis Moody, who heads Faith Temple Church of God in Christ.

“I value enormously the people who care a lot about people in systems other than theirs,” said Ms. Weissbourd, an early childhood development scholar who helped found her agency in 1976. She also spoke of the importance of understanding the environment as well as providing support to young families, adding, “The job isn’t done – we still have a lot to fight for.”

Mr. Schapiro, the 16th Northwestern University president, has been with the University since 2008. He said, “Northwestern University is blessed to be in one of the great cities of the world. … I’ve never felt more at home in anywhere that I’ve lived than in the City of Evanston.”

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl said Bishop Moody’s church is “an important part of the Evanston community and we are lucky to have it here – but we are most lucky to have Bishop Moody to have worked for so long in our community.”

Accepting his award, Bishop Moody said, “I’m the oldest living pastor in the City of Evanston” and spoke further about his efforts to develop a truly integrated church, adding, “One of the greatest things in the world is for people to come together and love one another.”