At the bi-weekly Evanston Community Indoor Farmers’ Market at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Laura McDaniel, one of Immanuel’s members and market founders, set up a political postcard- writing table. She had already done her homework, identifying key bills and who sponsored them and who chaired each committee and creating a binder, organized by issue with addresses for congressional leaders tied to each bill.

She then created postcards, purchased stamps and labels, and set them out at a recent market – some stacked by issue, others blank – for people to contact their elected representatives.

“I wanted to give the church a way to make a public witness while using very ecumenically friendly language, Ms. McDaniel said. 

The cards highlight the 2017 Priorities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s Advocacy Office: protecting the earth; providing hospitality to neighbors and migrants; eliminating gender-based violence; access to affordable healthcare; sentencing reform; creating opportunities for family farms and small business; addressing poverty, hunger and homelessness.  I was delighted with the enthusiasm for the cards and the time people took to personalize messages to key leaders.”

One writer said “I’ve been so anxious about what’s happening to our country, and writing makes me feel like I can at least do something, even if it’s a little thing.”

Ms. McDaniel and friends will be back at Immanuel Lutheran’s Indoor Farmers Market, 616 Lake St. from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on March 11 and March 25.