One of my pastimes in these later years is trying to figure out what life is all about. I was taught from the very beginning that one’s soul is immortal; but does immortal mean undying or eternal or both? Also, that heaven awaits those believers in the “one, true God” and who do good. But along the way what seemed so simple and certain became quite complex. My answers became questions I cannot dismiss which just create other questions.

Blame my wondering on the Big Bang theory, the Hubble telescope, NASA or the recent discovery of another sun and its t seven planets; here is my latest “What if…”

          What If…?

Did life begin or simply find its way

into time and being,

coming out of an edgeless Universe

like a star, a galaxy yet to be seen?

Eternal energy exploding darkness into


and life itself suckled by a sun?

Perhaps the “Uncaused Cause”

was never necessary!

Perhaps somewhere in the energies

of being and becoming

pulses the forever Now some call God,

and the love that offers meaning

to our journeys –


prodigal wanderers

seeking wholeness –

and home.

What if…

we are already there

between the edgeless horizons

of Eternity,

one with every other,

and the Universe itself,

all images of God, if one so believes,

dreaming and wanting

to be gods ourselves?

Wearing time

like our own finite flesh,

 not knowing in our humanness

what lies ahead,

perhaps we need to trust our spirit

to find our way into wholeness

on the other side of time.

Science may say otherwise, but the question comforts my not-knowing, which solidifies my faith.  Such thinking tells the Everyman within me not to settle into the complacency of others’ answers. Questions, I believe, supply the energy and sometimes the adrenaline that keeps the journey honest and going.