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 State Rep. Laura Fine, D-Glenview, joined members of the Jewish Caucus and others in the General Assembly to call on all elected officials to protect fellow citizens from the discriminatory policies of the Trump Administration.

“As a young Jewish girl, I was taught about the horrific events of the Holocaust,” Fine said. “It started as discriminatory policies against Jews and people who held different beliefs and quickly escalated into much more. We cannot sit by quietly and let history repeat itself. I call on all of our elected officials, regardless of party, to stand up for those being persecuted today, so that events like the Holocaust never happen again.” 

Fine recently introduced House Resolution 181 calling on President Trump to stop plans to build a wall along the Mexico border that would have disastrous economic, environmental and political consequences. Fine has heard from many of her constituents and students from a local school urging her to stand up to the divisive policies from the Trump Administration. Fine and other legislators plan to continually urge Illinois’ elected officials to protect our constitutional rights and freedoms.