On March 18, the Geometry in Construction class at Evanston Township High School held another Community Build Day with members of the Evanston community joining ETHS students and faculty in the school’s south parking lot to help construct a two-story house.

Co-teachers Maryjoy Heineman of the Mathematics Department and Matthew Kaiser of the Career and Technology Department created the curriculum and are guiding the students through learning real-life construction skills, hands-on problem solving, and immediate math solutions.

Architect Donna Lee Floeter designed the two-story, three bedroom home, with two baths on the second floor and a half bath on the first floor. She designed the three other affordable homes built in previous years by Geometry in Construction, and
this house varies only slightly from the others.  

Approximately 96 students are participating in the 2016-17 Geometry in Construction course – three sections this year. This class aligns itself with ETHS’s vision of creating more interdisciplinary options and opportunities.

The first and second stories are being built side by side, and when they are completed – in June after the end of school – they will be moved on flatbed trucks to the permanent location at 1509 Emerson St.

The home will be placed on the market at an affordable price and, it is contemplated, sold to an Evanston family.