The Coloured Network for Equality and Fairness and the Citizen’s Network of Protection thanks the following candidates for accepting our invitation to a forum where your position on an independent “Civilian Police Oversight Board” which is not connected to the Evanston Police Department can be heard.
Cicely Fleming 9th Ward
Rob Bady 8th Ward
Tom Suffredin 6th Ward
Alex Morgan 3rd Ward
Alex Block 3rd Ward
Devon M. Reid City Clerk
Rodney Green City Clerk
Carolyn Murray 5th Ward
Eleanor Revelle 7th Ward
These candidates will have a statement read at the forum.
Donald Wilson 4th Ward
Virginia V. Mann 6th Ward
Melissa Wynne, 3rd Ward
Steve Hagerty  Mayoral
We changed the location of the forum on March 24th from Fleetwood Jourdain Center to Family Focus Community Playhouse on the second floor. The start time remains the same 7:00pm.