In a statement posted on her Facebook page yesterday and sent to the RoundTable today, Math 25, Lee Cabot said she did not know anyone from A Better Evanston and could not accept its endorsement. Her statement reads as follows:

“The endorsement I received from A Better Evanston was a complete surprise. Neither I nor our campaign have any connection to this organization or the people involved. I did not ask for their endorsement, and with no understanding of why I have received it, I cannot accept it. I recognize that its chairman previously sued the City of Evanston, an action I firmly reject, especially when it was to fight gun safety legislation. Nor do I align with the Republican Party as he does. As for A Better Evanston and its supporters and contributors, I assume they do so for the purpose stated on their website: that it is involved to “encourage smart development that increases revenue available for city use without putting more pressure on home property tax rates. We’re doing this to benefit our schools, important civic programs and keep the city on pace for smart growth.” These goals I support and have spoken on often. It is easy to find things that divide us. Let’s focus on where we agree and on our larger calling to solve the very real issues facing Evanston.”