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Eight City candidates – some newcomers and some veterans – have emerged from the recent campaign season that seemed marked as much by accusation and innuendo as by attention to issues: Steve Hagerty as Mayor; Devon Reid as City Clerk; and Judy Fiske, Melissa Wynne, Robin Rue, Thomas Suffredin, Ann Rainey, and Cicely Fleming as aldermen.

Aldermen Peter Braithwaite, 2nd Ward, Don Wilson, 4th Ward, and Eleanor Revelle, 7th Ward, retained their seats in uncontested races.

The results are still unofficial. County Clerk David Orr said via email, “The Clerk’s office will tabulate all mail ballots received within two weeks of Election Day if they are postmarked by April 4 and all provisional ballots that are verified. By statute, Illinois election authorities have up to three weeks to certify election results.”

A total of 17,827 votes was cast for Mayor.

Mayor: Steve Hagerty

Mr. Hagerty and Sixth Ward Alderman Mark Tendam received the two highest votes from a field of five in the Feb. 28 primary. Since neither was able to top the 50% mark in the primary, both moved on to the General Election.  Mr. Tendam was endorsed by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and by two of the other three candidates in the Primary Election, Jeff Smith and Gary Gaspard. With endorsements from retiring Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and former mayors Jay Lytle and Lorraine Morton, as well as from many other civic and political leaders, Mr. Hagerty won 50.5% to 49.5%.

City Clerk: Devon Reid

Devon Reid, a newcomer to the Evanston political scene – though he grew up here – beat incumbent Rodney Greene by almost a 2-1 margin. Mr. Greene, who was appointed in 2008, was elected in 2009 and again in 2013.

First Ward: Judy Fiske

In the First Ward, Judy Fiske retained her aldermanic position for a third term, beating Lee Cabot, an employee of Northwestern University.

Third Ward: Melissa Wynne

Third Ward Alderman Melissa Wynne won a sixth term, beating two opponents, Alex Morgan and Alex Block.

Fifth Ward: Robin Rue

Five candidates filed to fill the position of Fifth Ward Alderman, when Delores Holmes announced she would not seek re-election. Carolyn Murray and Robin Rue were the two who received the most votes in the primary. Ms. Rue won by about a 20% margin.

Sixth Ward: Thomas Suffredin

Mr. Tendam resigned his aldermanic position when he decided to run for Mayor. Mr. Suffredin, son of Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, and Virginia Mann both sought the open position. In his first political foray in his hometown, Mr. Suffredin won the seat.

Eighth Ward: Ann Rainey

Ald. Rainey, the longest-serving alderman on the Council, narrowly prevailed again in the Eighth Ward. Her opponent, Rob Bady, a member of the Ridgeville Park District Board, received just under 50% of the votes.

Ninth Ward: Cicely Fleming

Cicely Fleming, a local activist and founder of the Organization for Positive Action and Leadership, will be the next Ninth Ward Alderman. She beat local attorney and RoundTable reporter-on-hiatus Shawn Jones for the seat vacated by Brian Miller when he chose to run for Mayor in the Feb. 28 primary election.

Ridgeville Park District

At Ridgeville Park District, Debby Braun won a seat, receiving more than 61% of the vote to prevail over Shama Naz Jacover, and Michael Drennan.

Unofficial results by precinct, from


Steve Hagerty, 8,744 votes, 50.46%

Mark Tendam, 8,585 votes, 49.54%

City Clerk

Rodney Greene, 34%

Devon Reid, 66%

First Ward Alderman

Lee Cabot, 44%

Judy Fiske (incumbent), 56%

Third Ward Alderman

Alex Block, 31%

Alex Morgan, 19%

Melissa Wynne (incumbent), 51%

Fifth Ward Alderman

Carolyn Murray, 40%

Robin Rue, 60%

Sixth Ward Alderman

Virginia Mann, 42%

Thomas Suffredin, 58%

Eighth Ward Alderman

Rob Bady, 728 votes, 49.49%,

Ann Rainey (incumbent), 743 votes, 50.51%

Ninth Ward Alderman

Cicely Fleming, 66%

Shawn Jones, 34%

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