The Chicago Audubon Society has awarded City of Evanston Environmental Services Bureau Chief Paul D’Agostino its Protector of the Environment award in the category of Political Service.

D’Agostino was honored for his work establishing the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary, which attracts and supports migrating birds along Evanston’s lakefront. His efforts, along with the Evanston North Shore Bird Club and volunteers, helped plant and manage new habitat for migrant and breeding birds in addition to returning native beach plants to the area following the construction of Northwestern University’s Segal Visitors Center.

Evanston North Shore Bird Club Program Chair Libby Hill was also honored for her work establishing the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary. She received the Protector of the Environment Award in the Single Act (Individual) category.

The Chicago Audubon Society’s Biennial Environmental Awards recognize conservationists and protectors of birding from various fields in the Chicagoland area. This year’s awards ceremony took place on Saturday, March 25. A list of previous award recipients can be found on the Chicago Audubon Society’s website,