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The City of Evanston will be conducting investigative work on Dodge Avenue and Oakton Street in the vicinity of James Park to continue obtaining information about the presence of waste oils in soils to support the environmental lawsuit filed against Nicor and ComEd.  Previous SCS Engineering investigations have determined that there are waste oils and methane present at high concentrations in and around James Park.

Work on this project was anticipated to start by the end of March, but has been delayed due to coordination issues.

This work will require excavation at two locations on Dodge Avenue and two locations on Oakton Street. Parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street in the area of the excavations and a modified traffic pattern will be established to provide a safe work zone for the contractor employees.

The planned excavation work includes monitoring the pipe for the presence of pressure or gases at levels of concern and collecting soil, gas and liquid samples around the pipe.

If there is no pressure or presence of gas at levels concern, the piping will be cut open to allow the interior of the piping to be inspected using a video camera. Based on the video inspection,  two additional pipe locations that may be sources of leakage will be chosen and pipes there will be exposed.  Soil, gas and liquid samples collected in and around the pipe be tested physically and chemically. Finally, crews will install monitoring wells for gas and liquid monitoring.