The area fishing has been really good on most of our lakes. Our rivers are still pretty swollen, and the water clarity is very poor. There is lots of debris in the water due to all the rain we had.

As I said the area lakes are doing well. Busse Woods is starting the year off with some great largemouth bass fishing in 5-to 8-foot water. That has been the hot ticket on Busse: fishing the laydowns with a jig and plastic trailer.

The Fox Chain is also a bass hotspot right now, but if bass is not first choice, the walleye bite has also been pretty active in current areas like the Rte.12 Bridge and the Grass Lake Bridge. Steady currents seemed to be the key.

Just across the border, Delevan Lake has been reporting some great crappie fishing this past week. It was also observed that the smallmouth bass are in the middle of their spring spawn, with the males guarding the eggs. The largemouth are going to be next, probably in a week or so.

Lake Geneva has reported similar sightings on the bass there; anglers have been catching big female smallmouth bass plump full of eggs; fortunately, they are all being released to continue the spawn.

Activity on the Illinois and Mississippi rivers has been quiet, due to the high water, poor water clarity, amount of debris in the water. Some anglers have been venturing out with a few walleyes and saugers being caught.

Lovelace Park pond opened for its youth fishing program last weekend. In spite of the less than pleasant weather, about a dozen young anglers showed up, and everyone there caught fish.

It looks like this coming weekend I’ll be out at Lovelace to help the crew with rods, bait, fish removal, and a few lessons on casting.

Stop by and give Lovelace a try, or just stop and say hello.

 Until next time…keep a tight line.