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On June 17, Larry and Jean Murphy will celebrate their 50th anniversary. During the 50 days leading up to the anniversary date, the couple has been dancing each night to a different recorded tune that captures the essence of their love and their shared journey. The theme they have chosen for their celebration, which will extend through the end of the year, is “Looking Back; Soaring Forward.”

The couple plans a June visit to the San Francisco area for a “look back” to their days there in the late 60s. Upon their return, they will begin the due diligence for the launch of a youth-serving Foundation, which, from the outset has been the goal for the proceeds of their social entrepreneurial enterprise, YoFresh Yogurt Café.

Dr.  Larry and Dr. Jean Murphy invite the community to celebrate their 50 years by “contributing $50 or some percentage of $50 to an organization or cause that is advancing the future, e.g. scholarships for students, to advance their future; or to environmental care/sustainability, such as supporting eco-friendly practices in the local community or the switch from Styrofoam to paper service ware in a church dining room; or spend 50 minutes doing some good act, such as reading to a child; or visiting with someone who is confined and without company; or reconnecting to a valued friendship/relationship that the “busyness” of life has caused to languish; or volunteering at some community agency that is doing worthwhile things.”