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The weather has not been the best for fishing, and the rain has created high water problems for our river fishermen on the Illinois, Wolf and Mississippi Rivers. The first problem is the water clarity there really isn’t any, the run-off has the water so soiled there is virtually no visibility. The second problem is that most of the launch ramps on the rivers are closed because of the high water. If you’re planning a trip out to the rivers, call ahead first to one of the local bait shops to see if conditions are good.

The lake fishermen on the other hand are faring much better. The reports from Lake Geneva were really outstanding; every species seems to be getting active the walleyes are presenting an excellent bite in the evening trolling baits. Both species of bass are biting strong and the rock bass seem to be everywhere and biting every bait. Delavan Lake has been reporting above average catches of bluegills and crappies by working the weeds with ice jigs tipped with a wax worm in 12’ to 14’ of water. The Forest Preserve Lakes are really a good choice right now. Beck Lake is reporting that they are catching nice largemouth bass by working a small 4” Senko worm along the weed edge. Busse Woods has very active bass, the reports are that there are many bass on the spawning beds, please be cautious when fishing for bass on the spawning beds, future fisherman are counting on a safe catch and release of those fish.

The reports from the Skokie Lagoons is that the water has finally cleared up, and the bass are biting but here as well, reports of a lot of bass still on beds, again I urge careful handling of these fish. Some good news for those of you who fish on Lake Glenview, the City will now permit non-motorized watercraft (kayaks, canoes, or paddleboats) with a permit, there are some off limit areas to boaters, but this will open up a lot of new fishing areas. Looking forward to continuing good fishing reports from Lake Glenview. And last but not least, Lovelace Park continues to be a great spot of our younger anglers to enjoy catching fish every Saturday from 10a.m.  to 1 p.m.

Until next time…keep a tight line.