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The City of Evanston will host its seventh annual “Evanston Recycles” event from 9 a.m. to noon on July 8 at Evanston Township High School, 1600 Dodge Ave. The free “drive up, drop off” event provides residents an opportunity to recycle and donate a variety of items and securely shred documents. This year’s expanded event will accept additional items, including bicycles, flags, keys, and more.

Residents who bring items to recycle or shred are asked to follow the signs and remain in their cars as City staff unload the items. Electronics recycling and document destruction are open to residents of all Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) communities. Participants are asked not to line up before 8 a.m.

Items will fall under such catagories as electronics recycling, other recyclable items, and medications disposal.

The following items are electronics that can be recycled: cell phones, computers (PCs and laptops), computer monitors, DVR/cable boxes, DVD and VHS players, fax machines, mice and keyboards, MP3 players and PDAs, printers and scanners, TVs and video game consoles.

Other accepted household items that can be recycled are vases (clean, dry, and empty), batteries (vehicle batteries not accepted), fluorescent light bulbs (small fluorescent bulbs should be placed in sealable plastic bags; incandescent light bulbs not accepted), plastic grocery bags and other plastic film, shoes, clothes and textiles, American flags, POW and Service flags, bicycles and bicycle parts (broken, used bikes and parts welcome), books, reusable bags, sunglasses, eyeglasses, pop tabs, keys, and hearing aids.

Residentially generated, unused prescriptions and expired over-the-counter drugs will be accepted for disposal. Medications considered to be controlled substances will also be accepted. Participants are asked to follow these guidelines for medication disposal: Medicines must be in labeled containers with no loose pills, needles or syringes (used or new). Multiple medicine bottles should be transported in a clear re-sealable storage bag and no bulk turn-ins.

Residents can bring up to five banker’s boxes of paper documents to be shredded onsite and recycled. Documents should be placed in a box or brown paper bag, and large metal clips and binders should be removed ahead of time. Staples and paper clips are acceptable. Document shredding is not available for businesses.