Veterans' names will be etched on a glass wall in the new Fountain Square.

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The Veterans Plaques, which were once on display at Fountain Square in Downtown Evanston, have a new home. 

Given the construction that is taking place, the plaques are now being held by the Evanston American Legion Post 42.   Honoring veterans from Evanston who fought during the Civil War, the plaques had formerly been placed on large pillars in Fountain Square. During construction, the American Legion will house the plaques so they will not be damaged or destroyed.

Currently, the American Legion does not have plans for the future of the plaques.  However, Brett Hallongren from the American Legion says that a long-term goal would be to have a memorial by their building to continue to honor the legacy of these veterans.  The American Legion hopes to put the plaques on their building.

In Fountain Square, the veterans’ legacy will live on with a large glass wall that will have all of the veterans’ names engraved on it.