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Downtown Evanston is now home to Viet Nom Nom, a Vietnamese-inspired restaurant, which opened at 618½ Church St. on May 31.

Northwestern University graduate Noah Bleicher, and Former Chicago corporate banker Alan Moy are at the helm.

The quick-service spot has a big business mind set and the personal touch of a local mom-and-pop operation. Residents can enjoy a modern, unique take on traditional Vietnamese dishes featuring healthier food.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to dream up a restaurant concept that was equal parts fast, fresh, and delicious,” said Mr. Moy, owner of Viet Nom Nom. “We all know the age-old perception: tasty food isn’t healthy, and healthy food isn’t tasty. From our kitchen, we are proud to serve a menu that is both nutritious and flavorful.” 

Viet Nom Nom curates a wide range of dishes, including banh mi sandwiches and signature summer rolls, from home made recipes, marinades, and sauces.

“Our recipes are prepared in-house and responsibly with fresh produce, rich flavors, and thoughtful consideration of our customers’ health,” said Noah Bleicher, restaurant owner. “We offer chicken, pork, and tofu that are never fried, but instead, always grilled or baked, which allows the true flavors to shine through.”