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Illinois State Representative Laura Fine, D-Glenview and Evanston, released the following statement following the approval of a bipartisan, balanced full-year budget:

“Over the past two years social services that provide critical care to people with disabilities, home care for seniors, breast cancer screenings to women, early intervention services to children and shelter to victims of domestic violence have been devastated due to lack of a state budget. Additionally, our colleges and universities have seen their funding cut by 60 percent, forcing them to lay off staff, reduce financial aid to students and put them at risk of losing their accreditation. 

“This is no way to run a state or business. The budget that was approved is the work of a bi-partisan group of legislators who are committed to putting the needs of people in Illinois first. This budget cuts current state spending by nearly $3 billion and will cost taxpayers over $1 billion less than the governor’s proposed budget. This is an important step forward to provide stability to families and businesses across the state and we know that our work is not finished. 

“I am disappointed that Governor Rauner chose not to work with us in this endeavor; however I remain committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address the challenges facing the state. In fact, the House of Representatives has approved several compromise pieces of legislation from the governor’s list of demands, including updating the school funding formula, enacting workers’ compensation reforms, selling of the Thompson Center and changing the way the state can purchase goods. These are good faith efforts to work with the governor, but even when he agrees with 90 percent of the legislation, he refuses to accept a compromise. 

“It is time for the governor to end the politicking and his own personal agenda and start working with legislators to do the job he was elected to do.”

Illinois Senator Daniel Biss issued the following statement regarding the House’s override of Gov. Rauner’s veto of the budget:

“I’m glad that because rank and file legislators on both sides of the aisle followed their consciences instead of their leaders, we avoided the catastrophe of yet another year without a budget. Now it’s time to solve our long term problems. We need to build on this collaboration and come together to create real progress by making the rich pay their fair share to fund our schools, protect people’s health care, and get our economy moving.”