Chessmen Club president George Dotson (far left) stands with Chessmen Scholarship recipients at the UNITY  Scholarship Reception. The Chessmen awarded scholarships to Elshaday Abraham, Erin Bates, Naissa Charles, Jalea Davis, Diwani Greenwell, Alexander Hilliard, Andrew Kelly, Alex Moore, Thomas Mosley, Linda Osei, Lauryn Poyser, Armand Vasquez, and Chyna Wright.  Photo by Heidi Randhava

The UNITY Scholarship Recognition Reception was held on June 25 at Second Baptist Church, where 17 black community organizations presented scholarships to approximately 50 students.
Since its initial scholarship tea in 1985, UNITY has through its member organizations, awarded over a million dollars in scholarships to high school seniors and continuing college students. UNITY scholarship recipients share a commitment to academic success and have demonstrated a strong desire to continue their education.