“By the narrowest of margins – requiring Vice President Pence to break a tie –Senate Republicans have voted to move forward on their dangerous health care proposals. These Senators knew no details except that the bill they would be considering would impose a crippling age tax on older Americans, rip health care away from tens of millions of Americans, and drastically worsen coverage for everyone else. Today’s vote was cruel and spineless.

“Obamacare expanded health care coverage in the United States. Every single version of Trumpcare that we have seen so far would rip coverage away – by the millions. Their bills have been wildly unpopular. The American public has been loud and clear in voicing their opposition to the series of GOP proposals, with some versions of Trumpcare garnering only about 13% approval.  Americans are rightfully concerned that they will lose what they have gained in Obamacare – the security of knowing that a pre-existing condition or being a woman will not cost them coverage, access to help in paying premiums, the guarantee of receiving essential health benefits, and the freedom from annual and lifetime limits on benefits. 

“Americans across the nation are continuing their demands that the Senate reject these bills.  I believe these bills will be defeated – that enough senators will join them refusing to rip health care away from their constituents.  I know that those who do not will suffer the consequences.”


Daniel Biss released the following statement in response to the Senate’s latest health care vote.

“Today’s Senate vote brings us closer than ever to millions of Illinoisans losing their healthcare. Maybe now, Governor Rauner will feel like he has a ‘motion to proceed’ to get off his duff and actually speak out against Trumpcare. Today, we must do all that we can to protect the ACA.  But we also must make sure that the conversation doesn’t end there.  In the long run, we must expand access to coverage through Medicare for All to ensure that no one is denied the care they need.”