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Sorry to have missed everyone last week, a major power outage here in the north woods of Minnesota meant no internet for the few areas that have modems; I will try and bring you up to date with this week’s report.

The weather, with the exception of the major storm we had when we arrived, has been really outstanding. The daytime has been clear, sunny and in the mid 70’s with a great lake breeze of about 6-8 mph. The evenings have been great, keeping the lake temperatures down; with evening lows in the low 50’s…tonight they are forecasting lows in the 40’s. I mentioned the air temperatures because they have a direct effect this time of year on water temperatures, a few days in the 80’s and the lake would warm up to near 80 degrees making fishing very difficult because the fish begin to be less active when their bodies overheat.

Speaking of active, the fishing has been really good for this time of year. The late summer season is usually one of the toughest season to fish; most species are scattered looking for cooler water because the summer has warmed the lake. Food is plentiful for most species with young of the year fish in abundance.

To succeed with these conditions adapting to them is a must. The largemouth bass are going to be utilizing any shade cover they can find, like docks, downed trees, weed beds and lily pad beds. You will find, as I did, the big largemouth bass are hiding in very shallow water. I’ve found them in 2-3 feet of water under a mat of lily pads, and under docks at the very back close to shore.

They aren’t the only ones who will move in close to shore for a quick meal early in the day, last week I caught a 36 inch, 16 pound northern pike in 4 feet of water which was not where I was expecting him to be. I’m hoping the rest of the week goes as well as the first week did.

I’ll get back to local fishing when I return next time.

Until then…keep a tight line.