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Daniel Biss released the following statement on Aug. 14 regarding Governor Rauner’s response to acts of terrorism in Charlottesville. 

“My grandmother was a holocaust survivor. I grew up with the weight of that legacy, and with an understanding of how evil can take root in our communities when we aren’t vigilant. The terrorism in Charlottesville follows a tradition of white supremacy, tracing back to the Nazi ideology that tore my family apart just two generations ago.

“Most importantly, I learned that all of us have an obligation to name this evil clearly and to fight it, and that those who do not give aid and comfort to our enemy.

“This morning we learned Bruce Rauner refuses to call the attacks in Charlottesville what they truly are—terrorism carried out by white supremacists. Like Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner is an incompetent billionaire unwilling to name and confront hatred because his re-election strategy relies on appealing to right wing radicals. All Illinoisans should remember this moment, when Rauner refused to stand up to white supremacists because of politics.”