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 Shortly after the compromise school funding bill (Senate Bill 1947, Amendment 5) failed with only 46 of the 71 votes needed, House Speaker gave the House of Representatives a second chance to vote on it. On a second try, the House of Representatives passed the bill with 73 votes.

Earlier, a vote to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1 failed.

During the day opposition to SB 1947 mounted due to a provision that would provide, indirectly, up to $75 million in State assistance to private schools. But after it became apparent there was no other viable option for school funding, the House of Representatives approved it.

House Speaker Michael J. Madigan issued the following statement:

“Today we saw compromise. Instead of pitting children and communities against each other, Democrats and Republicans came to an agreement on much of what’s in this bill. And even where we don’t fully agree, we’re willing to work together in good faith and meet each other half way.

“This bill provides the same promise of permanent funding for our schools as Senate Bill 1, with some additional items included at the request of Republicans. Even if all members did not agree with 100 percent of what is in the final bill, this bill still delivers 100 percent of what schools throughout Illinois need. This bill is a permanent promise of more funding for schools statewide. Every district in Illinois wins under this plan.

“Through compromise, we’ve included some provisions that many members would not have supported on their own. But a package that permanently provides more money for Illinois schools and puts us closer than ever to fixing Illinois’ broken school funding system is too important to let partisan differences get in the way.”