There is a French movie called “King of Hearts” (English title; original French title: “Le Roi de cœur”) that is set in a small town in France near the end of World War I. The inhabitants of the town flee when they learn that the enemy is coming, but they leave the gates of the asylum for their mentally ill open. The mentally ill people come out of the asylum and assume the roles of the townspeople/leaders. When the enemy arrives, the enemy unknowingly/unwittingly interacts with the insane. Hmm. Could this be a satire on our contemporary world? Food for thought.

Konrad Lorenz (1903-1989; Vienna, Austria; zoologist, ethologist) wrote the book “On Aggression” (English title, translated into English in1966; German title: “Das sogenannte Böse zur Naturgeschichte der Aggression“, published in German in 1963) in which he said: “the subject of this book is aggression, that is to say the fighting instinct in beast and man which is directed against members of the same species.” (Google)  Hmm.  Food for thought.  

My question is: Can scientists/pathologists detect differences between the human brains of “normal” humans (whatever “normal” means) and the brains of humans that display aggressive, sociopathic/narcissistic behaviors?  Hmm.  

My late mother had a prayer she said aloud in response to people “not acting right.”  It was: “ Lord, help us to get right.”  

She would probably find more than enough instances in today’s world to utter her prayer, not only in response to the actions of the current U.S. President and his posse but also in response to the bizarre/evil/self-serving behaviors witnessed all over the world.  

I am sure she would have said her prayer if she had seen the black man planted behind Trump at Trump’s Phoenix shindig, who was grinning and waving the sign “Blacks for Trump.”  Was he paid?  “Lord, help us to get right.”