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On Sept.15, after a trial by jury at the Cook County Circuit Courthouse in Skokie, Wesley Woodson, 25 years old, was found guilty in the murder of Dajae Coleman, said Commander Joe Dugan of the Evanston Police Department.  

On Sept. 22, 2012, Dajae Coleman, 14 years of age was shot and killed as he walked with a group of friends in the 1500 block of Church Street. Mr. Woodson was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder and seven counts of Attempted First Degree Murder after an investigation by Evanston Police Detectives with the assistance of detectives from the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force (NORTAF). At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found Mr. Woodson guilty on all counts. Mr. Woodson’s sentence is still pending, said Commander Dugan.  

“It is the sincere hope of the Evanston Police Department that the guilty verdict brings about some justice and relief to the family of Dajae Coleman,” said the Commander. “The police department would also like to recognize the hard work and dedication of the police officers, state’s attorney’s and victim advocates during the investigation and subsequent trial as well as the amount of cooperation that was received from the Evanston community during the entire investigation.”