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“The Graham-Cassidy bill is by far the worst proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act that we have seen yet. Just like its ugly predecessors, the bill would do enormous harm to low-income families, older Americans, people with disabilities, veterans, and women. It includes all of the disastrous provisions from earlier versions of Trumpcare, like imposing a crippling age tax, defunding Planned Parenthood, and allowing insurance companies to price plans out of the reach of people living with pre-existing conditions – all to pay for large tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. Once again, Trumpcare would mean far worse care, far fewer Americans covered, and much higher costs.

“The Graham-Cassidy bill distinguishes itself from earlier bills by punishing states that did right by their citizens by expanding the Medicaid program. Under the Medicaid Expansion program about 650,000 Illinoisans have obtained health care coverage. The Graham Cassidy bill would end the program and rip their coverage away. Illinois alone stands to lose $153 billion in funds by 2036 because of this legislation. I’m calling on my Republican colleagues from Illinois to vocally oppose this bill immediately and vow to vote against it should it come to the House. Illinoisans cannot afford the Graham-Cassidy bill, and no responsible legislator should support it.”