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 Evanston RoundTable reporters, photographers, and graphic artists garnered 15 awards in the “non-daily” newspaper category at the annual Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards banquet on Oct. 26.

Awards went to Kathy Ade, Emanuel Patino Gomez, Shawn Jones, Mary Mumbrue, Martha Rosenberg, Victoria Scott, Matt Simonette, Lynn Trautmann, Mary Helt Gavin, and Larry Gavin.

Reporters received awards in the following categories: Best News Story Series (the series “Reaching out to Opportunity Youth”); Best Election Coverage (the series on School District 65’s Referendum, and the series “Confusing Mars the Election Process”); Best Spot News Story (“Police Escalate Charges” and “Conversations Continue on Police Tactics”); Best Business/Financial/Consumer Story (“Seconds at Curt’s”); Best Religion Story (“JRC Rabbi Returns to Roots”); Best Meeting Coverage (“EC2C Provisionally Adopts Goals and Outcomes, Nears an Equity Statement”); Best Multicultural/ Immigration Coverage (“Dynamic Couple”); Best Special Section (LWV/RT Voters’ Guide); Best Use of Humor (“Trump Masks”).

Photographers won awards for Best Sports Photo (“First baseman stretches to make a play”), and Best Spot Photo (“Banding of the falcons”).

Staff also won awards for Best Information Graphics (charts illustrating trends in student achievement, and a year-end graphic, “So you think you’d want to…”)