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This morning, Illinois State Senator and Democratic candidate for Governor Daniel Biss released a new digital ad, “BSBS.” Modeled after a pharmaceutical commercial, the video speaks to voters frustrated with billionaires buying elections by highlighting the epidemic of “Big Spending Billionaire Syndrome,” and presents middle-class progressive Daniel Biss as the cure.

With unprecedented spending, brand name candidates in this race have proven they would rather hold an auction than an election. But trust can’t be bought—and in what is expected to be the most expensive statewide race in United States history, the Biss campaign gives voters an opportunity to choose a middle-class progressive who will fight for working families rather than another billionaire who will only work for the wealthy and well-connected.

Watch the ad: “BSBS”

“Are you suffering from BSBS? Big Spending Billionaire Syndrome? It’s an epidemic of rich guys trying to buy elections, bombarding you with their money, to take over our government. Symptoms include nausea, disbelief, and the uncontrollable urge to destroy your TV when the same people who profit from our rigged system now promise they’ll change it,” the ad begins.

“But now, there’s a cure: Democrat Daniel Biss for governor. 100% progressive, fast-acting, all grassroots, a middle-class father, former teacher, and state senator, who will make Illinois work for the people again.”