What with 2 inches of snow last week and several days when the temperature never got into the 40s, winter seems to be at our doorstep. Still, there is open water, so there are still fishing days left and some of the best fishing of the year is possible. Most reports say the fishing has slowed way down and on a lot of lakes it is going to be hard to find launch areas that still have piers in place.

Nevertheless, getting out on the water can still be productive if one can tolerate the cold. In places like Lake Geneva the smallmouth bass tend to gather in large groups in water that is 30 to 40 feet deep. Good electronics will help locate these schools. Live bait is probably the best option and it should be on the large side. Minnows 4 to 6 inches in length work the best. When these large schools are located the action will be fast and furious with catches of 25 to 30 fish in an hour. Enjoy the open water while it lasts; ice fishing is coming soon.

I thought I would do a little follow-up on the green algae conditions in Lake Erie. This year’s algae problem was the third largest in history, covering 1,000 miles in the lake’s western basin. The last algae bloom, just three years ago, was such a problem that Michigan, Ohio, and the province of Ontario all agreed to take steps to prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately those steps were unfunded and there was no benchmarking to see how effective they were. So here we are again. These same government bodies met last month to try to resolve the problem again.

Anyone who wants more information on what’s going on in detail should check out this link: https://greatlakes.org/2017/10/rescuing-lake-erie-assessment-progress/

Until next time… keep a tight line.