Santa sat in his office, reading his mail. The elves in his workshop giggled at the constant music of his laughter as they sorted and wrapped the gifts that would soon fill Santa’s sleigh to overflowing. Santa felt the letters were the best part of his job. Scribbled and scrawled wish lists from pure hearts always filled his own with hope for the world.

On this particular day, however, the laughter stopped abruptly, startling every elf around their work tables. A few moments later Santa stood at the office door, shouting, “Meeting! Meeting!” The elves quickly gathered round. Santa waved them closer with a letter in his hand, his eyes showing a worry that did not fit the rest of his face.

“Listen up, the lot of you,” he said. “We have a problem.”

“Problem? What’s a problem?” a puzzled elf named Twinkle asked.

Santa smiled. “Some little tyke is asking for wisdom, of all things, for a present. I have never in all my days been asked for such a thing!”

“We have crystal balls!” one elf shouted, “Books! Computers!” said another. “En-cy-clo-pe-di-as!” ventured a third, while the rest mumbled among themselves. Twinkle finally asked, “What is wisdom?” And the elves fell silent. “Nothing you can box and wrap,” Santa sighed, pulling at his beard. “It’s like a balloon with no skin, a sense somewhere beyond knowing that makes life clearer and is unmistakably right. It’s…” “Magic?” Twinkle asked.

“More than that, Twinks,” Santa said. “Wisdom when we have it makes all of us better than we are. When we share it, others will as well. It is truth, acceptance, understanding, and love coming together in the human heart.” Santa seemed surprised at his own words. “It’s nothing I can place under a Christmas tree.”

“How about a piece of it?” Twinkle blurted out.

“A piece of…?  A piece…  Ah, a bit of 
wisdom!” Santa’s eyes widened. “That might work. It just might! Thank you, Twinks. Thank you all.” He waved the letter at them, saying, “Now get back to being busy.”

Santa wasn’t at his desk very long before the elves heard his laughter again.

Some days later, early on a Christmas morning a little boy named Jeremy saw a flat little box under a bigger one, his name on the tag. He unwrapped it. He found the following note inside in an oddly familiar script:

To My Very Special Jeremy,

I wish the world would ask for wisdom as you did. Though I have only a little bit myself I want it to be yours. It is this: Love yourself by becoming better than you are, every day, while helping others do the same.

I am certain you will add your own bits of wisdom in the years ahead.


“Wow,” Jeremy whispered. “Oh, wow…”

Warm and mindful holidays to one and all!