Several weeks ago, I talked to a Vogue Fabrics employee about an after-school learning-to-sew project at Family Focus and what they might need. A customer standing nearby overheard me and said she used to volunteer at Family Focus years ago. She opened her wallet and gave me $20 to help purchase materials for the sewing project. What a pleasant surprise. A material and spiritual gift. I thanked the woman and asked for her name so that I could mention her gift to Family Focus, but she did not feel it necessary. 

This woman’s generosity was just the beginning of good karma at Vogue Fabrics.  Vogue has given materials for the sewing project several times. Thank you Vogue Fabrics, and a special thank you to Vogue employees Martha and Bernadette.

Irene of First Bank and Trust (Church Street) gets a big thank you for donating pens to students at Family Focus, and General Manager Wear of Blick Art Materials (Maple Avenue) also gets a big thank you for contributing art supplies to Family Focus students.

Volunteer Betty Ester cannot be thanked enough for her spiritual contributions to the sewing project. Her patience and guidance are indescribable and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Betty

Last but not least, I want to thank my daughter for treating me and a friend to the Dec. 9 Chicago Community Chorus (CCC) Concert.  This chorus is outstanding.  It is a diverse group of approximately 160 singers whose voices create a deep spiritual experience. Thanks to the kind Chicago police officer who gave my friend and me the right directions to the Concert’s venue. The next CCC concert will be on April 28 at the Harris Theatre.

Gifts come in many forms, material and/or spiritual ones. It is the holiday season. The lack of money may prevent one from giving material gifts, but spiritual gifts such as words of kindness and encouragement do not cost a thing and go a long way. Give gifts that keep on giving.

                     H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S.