A Donation Station is on the way to anyone’s destination at the Main-Dempster Mile.RoundTable photo

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… that the Dec. 3 full supermoon was the year’s only one. The other supermoons were slivers, but it was the first in a series of three supermoons. A few dozen folks showed up at Lighthouse Beach for the moonrise. It was a blood moon as well, but the clouds prevented most people from getting photos of the full moon. As one person put it, the moon was visible in “slices.”
Dr. Debra Byrd wrote recently in Earthsky.org, “The two full moons in January 2018 – on January 2 and 31 – also count as supermoons. As is typically the case, the second of these three full moon supermoons most closely coincides with lunar perigee (the moon’s closest point to Earth for that month). So, of this series of three supermoons, the Jan. 2 supermoon will be the closest and largest.”

… that two men who have made immeasurable contributions to this community will soon have honorary street names. Custer between Madison and Washington will bear the Honorary Street Name Sign “Rick Ferguson Way.” Hull Terrace between Ridge and Barton will be “Steve Perkins Way.” Mr. Ferguson is founder of The Musical Offering, which has offered music programs in District 65 schools for years. The MO even helped Oakton students write an opera. Mr. Perkins, who works at Center for Neighborhood Technology, has been active in environmental and sustainability efforts for decades. He was one of the founders of the Network for Evanston’s Future, which laid the groundwork for many of the City’s sustainable endeavors, including the Climate Action Plan.

… that during the 10 days around Thanksgiving of enhanced enforcement of traffic laws, Evanston police made arrests or issued citations for the following violations: driving under the influence of alcohol (1); illegal transportation of alcohol (2); possession of cannabis (2); failure to wear a seat belt (64); cell phone use (57); driving with a suspended license (4); speeding (29); not having a valid driver’s license (1); not having proof of insurance (11); and other miscellaneous infractions (or worse) (25).  

… that the Main-Dempster Mile has followed Downtown Evanston in transforming old parking meters to collect money for Connections for the Homeless. Folks can make a contribution as they stroll around those wonderful businesses.

… that the Jewel-Osco CTA Holiday Train will be coming up the Purple line tomorrow and Saturday and next Thursday. Santa and his elves will personally be visiting every stop along the respective lines passing out holiday cheer. The Holiday Train usually operates from about 1 to 8 p.m. on weekends and 3 to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Normal CTA fares apply.

On Dec. 16, the Jewel-Osco CTA Elves’ Workshop Train will follow directly behind the CTA Holiday Train.

… that holiday lights are up in all parts of town, offering a little twinkle in the ever-earlier evenings. The official Christmas tree is in Church Street Plaza this year, due to the reconstruction of Fountain Square. Speaking of the reconstruction of Fountain Square, the South Plaza is looking really good, and the reconfiguration of traffic around the island seems like a clever idea. Traffic separates at just about the point of the island, with traffic continuing on Orrington staying in the right (east) lane and traffic going west on Davis staying to the west of the island.

From our readers: We have the best readers, and they have the best words.

TG: In telling readers about Park Evanston, you were unaware of anyone who would want to “keep track of their parking history.” I can think of some reasons.
1. Possibly if the driver were to be reimbursed by an employer for the parking fees.
2. As a possible legal defense to bogus charges involving the presence of a particular vehicle. The defendant could show his parking history and say his car was actually parked in a location, and couldn’t have been at the violation scene. This might be weak, because it doesn’t really get strongly verified. Which brings me to my last possible reason:
3. Someone who wanted to create a fictitious parking record history to evade the law in some way. If you could make all the payments by smart phone – you can, can’t you? I have no experience with these newfangled parking payment machines – then all you need to do is collect the information necessary to create your fictitious parking history, and yes, you’d have to actually pay for it, but certain criminal types might find this beneficial. Sorry – maybe I’ve been watching too many procedural crime dramas. – Jean Smiling Coyote

From TG: Thank you Ms. Smiling Coyote

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that one solution for the uneven crossings on Dodge Avenue might be a flag system similar to the ones on Clark Street by Sheridan Road and, come to think of it, on Dodge Avenue, where it dead-ends at Simpson Street.

… that, with the last issue of the year coming up, TG invites readers to share their year-end thoughts: What was good about traffic this year? What problems were there? Were any of them solved? What do readers wish for in the coming year? Send your thoughts and comments to info@evanstonroundtable.com, and put TG in the subject heading.

… that those who feel, as John Donne wrote in his Nocturnal on St. Lucy’s Day, “’Tis the year’s midnight … The world’s whole sap is sunk” might wish to hold a vigil on the longest night, Dec. 21. Light is sure to follow.