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“On the seventh day…” God tried to rest but couldn’t. Something seemed unfinished, missed, forgotten. God struggled with the feeling but simply could not pin the problem down.

“This is my masterpiece,” He thought. “It has to be just right.”

But it wasn’t. God was restless; there was a glitch somewhere that rattled His sense of “It is good.” Yes, God had said those words many times in the past several days and they were true every time…until the last time. Oh, He didn’t lie. God wouldn’t, couldn’t do such a thing. But there was a hollow sound, a hesitancy to those words that last time that He had shrugged off as exhaustion.

“Funny,” God thought. “The Cosmos was a piece of cake. I just said, ‘Let there be,’ clapped my hands and there it was! And is. But this precious piece of rotund dust called Earth has been a real challenge.”

God’s hands cupped around Earth like a blessing. Its waters rippled with His love, and all its lands and living creatures prompted an “Amen” on God’s lips. But His heart knew something was not right. God’s Masterwork was like a puzzle with a missing piece.

God’s hand turned the Earth slowly for Him to see what was missing. And in an instant it became clear. God’s head shook to dismiss the fact that the missing piece was a signature – His distinctive mark to claim. His work was complete and to let all know it was God’s own.

From the beginning God had known what that signature would be but somehow in His busy-ness of creating it was forgotten.

The pine tree.

God turned the Earth again, searched the mountains, valleys, and every distant place. There wasn’t a single pine tree to be found. God had planned the pine as an iconic signature; its lower branches hugging the Earth, its topmost reach pointing upward. And it was ever green like God’s own ever presence. How did God ever forget it?

No matter, it was a simple fix. 

God sowed some leftover love through the forests, along the rivers, around the lakes and in literally no time the pine trees were in place.

“Ah, it is good,” God said. “It is done.”

God found a perfectly shaped pine off to the side of a lake by a snow-capped mountain. How could it not let all creation know that Earth was God’s doing? God chuckled thinking that someone somewhere in time would think to top it with a star.

Later on in the afternoon of that seventh day, God finally rested.