Learning Bridge Early Education Center (formerly Child Care Center of Evanston) announced that it has earned accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

NAEYC is the gold standard early childhood organization, working with more than 50 affiliates and 60,000 early childcare professionals across the nation. The NAEYC mission is consistent with that of Learning Bridge: to ensure that children from all socioeconomic backgrounds gain the skills they need to succeed in school while fostering the shared community values of cooperation and respect for one another.

The five-year NAEYC Accreditation is an extensive process with only 8% accredited national programs serving babies/children from infancy to 8 years. In addition to providing annual reports, financials and other program updates, announced and unannounced review visits of specific standards of care are conducted. These range from relationships, curriculum, teaching, assessment of child progress, health, teachers, families, community relationships, physical environment to leadership management.

Learning Bridge scored 100% on seven of these 10 standards with commendations and a combined classroom average score of 99%. Learning Bridge Early Education Center is a 50lc3 not-for-profit program that has served the Evanston and surrounding communities for nearly 75 years. Its commitment has remained strong throughout these years as it educated generations, one child at a time. The recent name change reflects this continuum plus the growing need of programs today to ensure that care and best-practice education go hand in hand in preparing children for the ever-changing and challenging future.