The 14th Annual Justin Wynn Leadership Academy 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was held on  March 11 at Evanston Township High School. More than 200 community players in third through eighth grades played in the co-ed tournament. A portion of the proceeds from this year’s tournament will go to help support Evanston School Children’s Clothing Association (ESCCA), a volunteer organization that provides school clothing for children attending School District 65.

Twenty teams participated in the third/fourth grade tournament. 

The first-place winners were Tommy Gilroy (Lincoln), Matt Gilroy (Lincoln), Vito Rocca (Baker) and Aaron Shalin (Lincolnwood).  The second-place winners were Leo Stover, Gawun Marshall and Brody Munsey-Johnson (all from Lincoln).

In the fifth/sixth grade tournament 24 teams played. Taking first place were Drew Fullenkamp (St. Francis), James Kaye (Highcrest) and Danny Ryczek (St. Francis). The second-place winners were Yaris Irby (Washington), Nnamdi Ubawike (Dawes), Ben Crabbe (Dawes) and Muhammed Lawal (JCFS).

In the seventh/eighth grade tournament there were 12 teams. The first-place team was Daniel Goes, Gus Berne, Will Collins, and Joey Vehovsky (all from St. Athanasius). Finishing second was the team of Eva Eiseman, Carly Menocal and Dajour Stephens (all from Haven).