March is Women’s History Month, a time to respect and appreciate women of all types and the contributions and achievements women have made and continue to make. 

My mother often said, “Where there’s little wit [intelligence], there’s little required.”  She made this comment when she felt that a person was not very bright. It made it easier for her to cope with the person’s shortcomings. 

Another comment she also made was, “It’s too bad it’s so easy to become a mother.”  She made this comment to her friends when they were talking about some woman they judged to be a bad mother. As a child, I did not know what she meant by this comment, but as a teenager, I learned that she was talking about the physical act of becoming a mother.

Well, last week the above quotes came to mind as a woman (a stranger) and I observed the lack of common sense displayed by a mother (presumed to be a mother since she held a baby) across the street from where we stood.

A car ran into the back of the vehicle the woman drove. Both vehicles pulled over and parked, and the drivers got out of their vehicles on the traffic side and examined the damage to the woman’s car.  For whatever reason, the woman got out of her vehicle holding her baby.

The woman with whom I stood looked at me and I at her and said at the same time, “Why would anybody stand in traffic while holding a baby?”  We shook our heads at the display of witlessness.

The woman with whom I stood said goodbye when her taxi pulled up. I then crossed the street to wait for my bus. I could not stop myself.  I went over to the two drivers and spoke to them while standing on the sidewalk,

“Are you waiting for the police?” 

“Yes,” they both said. 

“With all the traffic that goes down this street, it seems to me that you should be waiting on the sidewalk, especially with a baby.”  Slowly, they moved closer to the sidewalk

Eventually, a police car showed up, then an ambulance and a fire truck. A lot of activity took place around the baby’s car seat. 

I left the scene when my bus came, but I thought: “It’s too bad it’s so easy to become a mother” and “Where’s there’s little wit, there is a lot to be required.”