Early in the beginnings of our knowing,

I have felt

there is more to meet in you

than even you may realize.

It is necessary to say for it is so.

Truth ultimately needs telling.

I feel and hope you think the same of me.

Over the years and life’s distancing

the too few times, despite the many,

we dared to share our selves

gave me, I know,

a sense of life

beyond complacency.

But as I age

such times seem much too long ago.

I find myself these days

missing what we shared

and wanting more.

As for my complacency,

that is different now;

I am too preoccupied,

too busy with the bites and itching

of questions getting closer,

with every breath I taste,

to answers found only beyond time

and human-kind.

Can you sense what my words cannot say?

The more I want from you

is seeing more of me through your eyes –

and, hopefully, you yourself through mine;

that and time enough to let you know

how you have touched

and helped to shape my life.

Too much to ask?  Perhaps.

But sense my need and, more,

my gratitude, please,

as well as wanting much the same for you.

Perhaps, for want of presence,

this will have to do.