The Evanston Police Department is introducing ‘Axon Citizen’ which allows citizens to upload videos or other media relevant to an on-going investigation. Axon Citizen will allow a citizens to share videos and other media captured or stored on  cell phones, electronic devices, or computers.

Axon Citizen is an expansion the Evanston Police Body Worn Camera Program. When an officer or  detective learns that a victim or witness has captured a video or other media relevant to an investigation the officer or detective will be able to invite the victim or witness to upload the media into the department’s account. The invite will be through a text message or email from the department’s account.

If you are reporting an incident and you have relevant video or other media please report this to the officer or detective taking the report. There is no expense to upload media to The addition of Axon Citizen will further enhance the effectiveness of the Evanston Police Department’s Body Worn Camera Program.