Dutch elm disease  is an easily spread fungal disease that affects American Elm trees. It can spread quickly, and can kill an elm tree within one season. When Dutch elm disease infects a tree on private property, the home-owner bears the sometimes-staggering costs for removal.

Once an elm tree is diagnosed with Dutch elm disease, it must be removed within 30 days.

If the diseased tree is located on private property, the property owner must bear the cost of removal, which can be $1,000 or more. The City’s Forestry Division annually offers Dutch elm disease insurance to all Evanston property owners.

Enrollment for the 2018 program opened on March 1, and applications will be accepted until May 31. Homeowners wishing to   insure a new tree must send   an application, available at   cityofevanston.org, along with their payment. Anyone who has questions or who would like to participate in 2018 may call 311 (847-448-4311 outside of Evanston).