Bottom row left to right: Police Chief Richard Eddington, Commander Jody Wright, Commander Diane Davis (retired) and Telecommunications Supervisor Perry Polinski Top row left to right Officer Enjoli Daley, Sergeant Dennis Leaks, Police Chaplain David Jones and Officer Tanya Noble. Not pictured Commander Melissa Sacluti and Officer Loyce Spells.                                                                    Photo by Mike Kelly

Evanston Community Foundation’s Leadership Evanston recently thanked the Evanston Police Department for its longstanding commitment to the program. The event showcased nine outstanding program alumni affiliated with the Evanston Police Department.

“Leadership Evanston provides a space for police officers, local residents and employees to get to know each other and understand each other’s perspectives,” said Marybeth Schroeder, Vice President of Programs. “The Department’s commitment to enrolling employees helps it to be grounded in the community.”

The event honored Leadership Evanston alumni who currently serve or have worked with Evanston Police Department: Officer Enjoli Daley, Commander Diane Davis (Ret.), Chaplain David Jones, Sergeant Dennis Leaks, Officer Tanya Noble, 9-1-1 Communications Coordinator Perry Polinski, Commander Melissa Sacluti, Officer Loyce Spells, and Commander Jody Wright.

Officer Noble said, “My experience in Leadership Evanston changed the way I view social justice and my role in effecting change in our world.”

Adding to that sentiment, Commander Davis said, “As a person in a position of leadership for the City of Evanston, I believe it is necessary to complete the Leadership Evanston course. It provides you with an opportunity to learn the history, culture, and even the expectations of the citizens of Evanston.”

The event also highlighted the importance of the partnership between the Evanston Police Department and Leadership Evanston. Chief of Police Richard Eddington said, “Leadership Evanston gives us a unique opportunity to reach out to the community and have a protracted dialogue about the services we deliver. . . Leadership Evanston is unique in its mission. The Evanston Police Department polices a unique community, and this partnership allows us to do both missions better.”

Foundation President and CEO Monique Jones said, “Leadership Evanston has been an integral part of the Evanston Community Foundation for more than 25 years. We are proud of our alumni, especially those serving in the Evanston Police Department, for contributing to ECF’s mission of helping Evanston to thrive as a just, vibrant, and inclusive community.”