The Evanston Arts Council is issuing a call for artists to submit applications for “pop-up” temporary displays of artwork or performances of public art throughout Evanston this summer/ The Arts Council will provide three grants of up to $1,000 each for projects, which must take place between June 10 and Aug. 31.

In visual arts, preference may be given to work that has already been completed. Conceptual proposals will be considered if the artwork can be completed within the presented timeline, and applications are submitted with clear and detailed specifications and renderings.

Submissions must be emailed with attachments to by May 15; applicants will be notified by June 1.

Proposals must include:

• A narrative explaining the concept, the project itself, materials, and installation timeline

• A narrative explaining the public benefit of the project and/or how it serves groups that are historically underserved in Evanston

• A detailed project budget

• Description of key personnel who will be involved in the project or performance and their qualifications, or an artist resumé with past projects

• A plan to execute or implement the project, including a basic timeline and plans for installation and de-installation (or set-up and take-down if performance event)

• Pictures of the artwork, description of the performance, or a rendering of the concept, or other supplements that will visually help the Arts Council to determine the whole project and make a decision upon whether to fund it.

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of the Arts Council based upon the following criteria:

Creativity and/or innovation
Is the project fun, imaginative, vibrant? Is it interactive and will it draw residents and visitors into it?

Diversity, accessibility and equity
Is the exhibit or performance accessible? How does it impact vulnerable communities within Evanston? Does it speak to equity and diversity? Is it easy to experience or interact with the art or performance?

Is the project manageable? Do the timeline, budget and execution plan give reasonable confidence that the exhibit or performance can be achieved?

Public benefit
What does this performance or exhibition add to Evanston? How does it demonstrate “fit” for our community values of livability, creativity, equity and sustainability? What will the impact be in terms of number of people reached and quality of the project?

The City of Evanston will work with the artist and staff to schedule any performances or artist receptions and to promote the event or exhibit. Artists are responsible for the transportation, installation, and set-up of their work (including providing an easel or pedestal). If the project involves visual work, proposals must include appropriate measures of securing and/or managing the piece. If the project involves a performance event or events, the proposal should demonstrate appropriate safety and inclement weather preparation.

Artists may suggest locations for the installation or performance, but ultimately the Evanston Arts Council and City of Evanston staff will make a determination of location based upon multiple factors, including but not limited to pedestrian and vehicular safety, space, other scheduled activities, public access, etc.

Any funds allocated must be used solely for materials, labor and other costs related to creating and executing the pop-up exhibit. General liability insurance is not required from the artist. However, the Evanston Arts Council does recommend that all artists obtain property insurance to cover their work.

A signed contract, license agreement, and hold harmless agreement approved by the City of Evanston and the property owners (where applicable) are required before artwork can be displayed.

Questions should be directed to Jennifer Lasik, Cultural Arts Coordinator, at or 847-859-7835.